The Service Bowl Comes to Baltimore

Mayor Edwin Lee will join us in Baltimore next week to fulfill his end of the Super Bowl wager with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Sure, he’ll be forsaking his Dungeness for our Chesapeake Blue with a trip down to Lexington Market for Baltimore’s world famous crab cakes. Yet his trip is about more than crabs, Mayor Lee is here for a higher purpose: service. He and Mayor Rawlings-Blake will be joining 200 AmeriCorps and local volunteers for a day of volunteering.

So how does the Charm City fare against the City by the Bay when it comes to service? Baltimore’s volunteer rate is 26.5% compared to San Francisco’s 31.8% but our volunteers serve more hours with an average of 40.8 hours a year compared to 25.7.

How do you harness volunteer power for your city? Take a look at some of our fabulous resources on how to:

A city should be  known for more than food or sports. We should be leaders in giving back, helping our neighbors, and making our community a better place. Let’s be known for service.


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I have always been active in my community and have tried my hand at many different aspects of social change from preserving historic documents at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library to founding Geeks for Good, an organization that matches nonprofits with tech savvy volunteers. Throughout my career, I have worked with 21 nonprofit organizations to create new websites, marketing materials, campaigns, and programs that help build relationships, empower change makers, and create strong, vibrant communities. I serve as Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation, Inc. Read more.

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