Do 5 things to raise funds in the next 2 weeks

The giving year isn’t over yet. There is still time to inspire donors and raise funds. Here are five things you can do between now and December 31st to boost your fundraising income:

1. Be open for business. Be sure phones are answered for last minute callers who want to give to your organization. Have you checked your website’s “donate now” button lately? Make sure it works. And, make it your site’s focus this time of year.

2. Add your mailing address and phone number to your homepage. Many nonprofits don’t do this, but not everyone wants to give online. If you make it hard for them to find your address or phone number, they will go – and give – elsewhere.

3. Take 30 seconds and write down the five things that make you proudest to be doing what you’re doing. Don’t over-think it. Keep it simple. Post your list next to your computer until December 31st. Email the list to your donors, with very little added, to share your inspiration.

4. Find pictures that inspire you. Scour your website for the image that is the most inspiring, the most powerful, or that best exemplifies you work. Post it on the homepage from now until the end of the year.

5. Ask, ask, and ask. No, really, ask three times! This year, send emails on December 27th, December 29th and December 31st. Most of the money you will raise online in December will come in that last week of the year. Make sure you are at the top of people’s email inbox during that time. It is terribly, terribly important. Start creating those emails now and be sure to include the list you made in #3.

Remember: focus on those you have already connected to. Move them, inspire them, then ask them; and you will reap a great harvest this gift-giving season.

Adapted by Kristina Leroux in The Source, published by Network for Good

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Sharon Rabb has more than 25 years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management for both large and small organizations. She currently serves as Project Specialist for tCampaign Consultation, Inc . Rabb holds a Master Degree in nonprofit management from Notre Dame of Maryland University and wrote her thesis on Women and Philanthropy: a design for approaching female donor prospects. Read more.

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