Holidays re-imagined: Give ‘good’ instead of ‘goods.’

In addition to the things we enjoy shopping for and giving every year, we often feel compelled to spend money and time on gifts that have little meaning and are soon forgotten. As a result, the holiday season leaves many of us feeling exhausted, rather than uplifted.

This week, instead of running to the store for last minute gifts, consider giving your friends and family donations to their favorite charities in their names. Ask your loved ones to do the same for you. Wrap your holiday in more meaning and less stuff.

Redefine Christmas is a movement that seeks to recapture the joy of the holiday season by encouraging people to give charitably.

Giving charitably means that more money goes to people who truly need it. Your gifts are tax deductible. And you spend less time running around to stores and more time with family and friends. Giving can be more personal and easier. And, it can be more meaningful – to the receiver, the giver and the countless people and organizations who are truly in need.

Give ‘good’ instead of ‘goods.’ Visit JustGive to explore charities.

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Shannon McGarry

Shannon McGarry is Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation, Inc. and an advocate for systemic, holistic approaches to building the capacity of nonprofits and community organizations. She has worked with nonprofits to strengthen and diversify their funding streams, expand and mobilize their membership base, and build sustainable programs. Read more.