Will you be ready if a disaster hits your neighborhood?

September is National Preparedness Month; will you be ready in a time of disaster?  2012 had a variety of disasters, including Hurricane Sandy and the California Wildfires. How would you have dealt with these events?  Federal and local government can only do so much to prepare us; they are the most proactive after the event has occurred. As a community it is important that we take collective action when disaster strikes.

Below are some steps to being ready:

1)  Get the training you need for disaster. Disaster Ready.Org provides online training in being prepared. Their training is geared towards humanitarian aid volunteers and workers, but Disaster Ready.Org provides a Wellness Briefing Class which teaches what you need to do to stay mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and behaviorally well during a time of disaster.

2) Be informed and plan for risk. Per the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we should developed a communications plan and make an emergency supply kit.  FEMA has free resources available.. The link will aid you in being disaster ready.

3) Create a plan based on the needs of your community.  The most common plans are evacuation plans and recovery plans. People will need some place to go and neighborhoods will need to be rebuild.  The White House had a brainstorming session about disaster and recovery and came up with some great concepts that could be scaled down to a local level and implemented.

Campaign Consultation, Inc. has created “Tools & Resources for Times of Community Crisis” a VISTA Ready Kit that provides tips sheets, guides, templates, best practices, references, work sheets, training materials and other resources to support Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) projects and members working in disaster. We can provide you with a free sample of this disaster ready kit; just email us at Success@CampaignConsultation.com.

These resources can and should aid you in creating a disaster relief plan.  Please share your plan and contribute to the conversation in the comments below.

Demetria Barrett

Finance & Operations Manager

Campaign Consultation, Inc.


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Demetria Barrett

Finance & Operations Manager at Campaign Consultation, Inc.
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