Building a Stronger & Better Community?


In times of significant neighborhood change, outreach and community building are going to be extremely important in ensuring that new neighbors are included in already established communities and that these communities capitalizes on the new human resource.

From my own experience, gentrification is not creating inclusiveness.  In many cases gentrification moves lower-income residents to other neighborhoods which allows higher-income residence to move into new gentrified spaces which reinforces class lines.

Lower-income established neighborhoods may lack financial resources but oftentimes they have relationships with their neighbors.  The Community Toolbox is an excellent resource for residents who want community change to strengthen the skills to build the community they want and deserve.  The Community Toolbox has 46 chapters that provides insightful guidance on creating and maintaining partnerships, assessing community needs, promoting interest and so much more.

Campaign Consultation, Inc. also provides great tools on Citizen Mobilization, such as the 5 Cs.  We are very skilled at advocating for the needs of a community. The Community Toolbox can tell you “how” but we can definitely help implement effective community change.

I’d like to hear about your gentrification experience and what you think about the resources provided in this blog.  Please share your thought.

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Demetria Barrett

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