Things That Makes Us Go “Hmm..”: Income Inequality

Here at Campaign Consultation, we’re closing out the year thinking over things that makes us go, “Hmmmm…,” particularly ongoing issues that didn’t really evolve over 2013.  This video has been making the rounds in our office, and we’ve all been struck by both the persistence of this issue as well as how dramatically it illustrates the disconnect between Americans’ perception and the reality of income inequality. Income inequality is a persistent and intractable problem, and this video has sparked many conversations on how to fix it, such as this article. Other articles, inspired by President Obama’s speech on income inequality, have proposed other suggestions, such as focusing on unemployment.

While the road to changing income inequality is a long one and may take decades to address, one of Campaign Consultation’s initiatives, the Living Legacy Initiative for Entrepreneurs, provides an immediate way to deal with this: by providing wealthy individuals with assistance on developing their philanthropy strategies. By doing so, Campaign Consultation is trying to make it easy as possible for the wealthy to reinvest their earned money into organizations and causes that can help their fellow Americans.  In the meantime, let’s all work to make 2014 a better year!

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Hieu Truong

As a Project Specialist with Campaign Consultation, Inc., I primarily support the Social Innovation Fund, showcase their leadership in effectively scaling programs that improve youth development and school support, economic opportunity, and healthy futures. Prior to joining the team, I served as Program Officer at the Chesapeake Bay Trust where I provided direct grant assistance on water quality improvement projects and encouraged grantees to develop cross-sector partnerships with community development and social service organizations. I also have experience with issues of cultural competency and helping grassroots organizations serve various Asian American/Pacific Islander communities with limited English proficiency. Read more.

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