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Higher EducationWhy is higher education so costly? Is the point of higher education to exclude those who cannot afford to pay or to empower people with ideas which would boost innovation? According to US New and World Report, Columbia University’s tuition is $50,000 a year as compared to Berea College’s tuition of $1,070 a year. What has led to this price gap?

It is debated that students receive more value from an expensive college verse a lower cost college.  If the concept for higher learning is to be educated or to learn a technical skill, the cost of education should not matter.

In the media, there is a lot of discussion about increasing minimum wage, but it’s also worth considering broadening access to higher education. It’s time for us to take education into our own hands.  I have been doing some research and have found some resources that could help in supporting those who want and need more education.

  1.  The University of the People:  This is a tuition free accredited online university that offers degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science.  There are minimal fees for registration and testing. The University of the People has restrictions on certain states from which residents can apply. Please be sure you check the list to see if your state is eligible.
  2. The College of Ozarks and Berea College:  These colleges are tuition-free because students work on campus for 10-15 hours per week in lieu of tuition, like a work study program. They are both Christian-based institutions that focus on affordable degrees; if accepted, tuition will not be a concern.
  3.  National Intelligence University:  Focuses on intelligence education that goes hand in hand with IC Civilian Joint Duty. Per the website, IC Joint Duty is a civilian personnel rotation system akin to joint duty in the military.
  4. Massive Online Open Course also offers great educational opportunities.  Some of these courses are with major universities like Duke, MIT, and Harvard.

In regards to concerns about exclusion, some people may disregard this type of non-traditional education. As someone with extensive experience in hiring and human resources, I’m more interested in what you know and not how you learned it.

Education is extremely important for the economic health of our people and country. As such, it is very important that the cost of higher education is not an obstacle but an outlet for greatness and innovation.  Please share your comments on higher education.

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