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Imagine this: you’re at home, relaxing, and you get a knock on the door from adorable3rd graders selling unhealthy foods like cookies and candy.  The 3rd graders are so cute and you want to contribute help but you pause and wonder, “Do I really want to buy what they are selling?” I find myself in this situation very often and I donate money without taking the product that is being sold.

Recently, I analyzed the rate of return from my children’s school fundraiser and was very surprised.  Joe Corbi’s fundraiser kit has a 50% return of profit and it took a while for my family to finish it.  In fact, we gave some of it away to my sister.

The CEO of Campaign Consultation, Inc., Steven Rivelis forwarded a fantastic link about a school fundraiser that is not only good for the supplier of goods but also for the seller and the recipient. Per the website, the fundraiser, known as “Farm Raiser,” provides farmers and food entrepreneurs with direct access to their customers and helps grow their customer base, all the while supporting the growth of the regional value chain. Farm Raiser has a reported record of 20,000 students generating $5 million in sales with over 90% of the money staying in the community.

Farm Raiser is currently operating in Michigan and Washington State, but I am sure that this process can be replicated in any state with farming.  To go a step further, this process could be used for any type of fundraising.   I would like to encourage you to find out more about Farm Raising and if this type of fundraising could benefit you, your school or your non-profit.  Post your thoughts or contact Farm Raiser directly.

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