Peer-to-Peer Appeals: An Infograph

Peer-to-peer events can create new and exciting opportunities for organizations to not only raise more money, but also engage constituents in deeper, more meaningful relationships with organizations.

In October 2011, Convio released the results of its annual Peer-to-Peer Event Fundraising Benchmark Study. The report focused on four main event types and three emerging subtypes:

1. Competitive (single-day footraces)
2. Non competitive (walks, fun runs)
3. Endurance (cycling, multiday walks)
4. Third party (youth and school events, marathon and challenge programs)

Check out their infograph highlighting the keys to success in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. To read more, download the Convio 2011 Peer-to-Peer Benchmark report.

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Shannon McGarry

Shannon McGarry is Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation, Inc. and an advocate for systemic, holistic approaches to building the capacity of nonprofits and community organizations. She has worked with nonprofits to strengthen and diversify their funding streams, expand and mobilize their membership base, and build sustainable programs. Read more.