The Impact of Color

The colors you use in your branding have an impact.

For instance, studies show that consumers will have a bias toward items packaged in brighter colors even when they know they have a preference for a competitor. When you’re promoting your cause in a crowded, noisy space like on a bulletin board, at an event or side-by-side with other organizations online, try to visually stand out. Ask, are you catching the eye?

Furthermore, color increases brand recognition by 80%. Specific colors also send specific messages. Looking at the chart below, how could you adapt the colors used to influence buyers to enhance  your nonprofit’s message?

Photo: Credit of Karen Zapp, KISSMetrics

                                            Sharon Rabb
Project Specialist
Campaign Consultation, Inc.

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Sharon Rabb has more than 25 years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management for both large and small organizations. She currently serves as Project Specialist for tCampaign Consultation, Inc . Rabb holds a Master Degree in nonprofit management from Notre Dame of Maryland University and wrote her thesis on Women and Philanthropy: a design for approaching female donor prospects. Read more.

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