It’s Thank You Time

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Right now is a good time of year to …

Send informal,  handwritten “thank you” notes in A 7 envelopes that are live stamped.   They’ll convey pure relationship – in a high touch way.

By expressing appreciation now, you position your 4th quarter appeals for hopefully upgraded responses from major and special donors.  To get this same response from lapsed donors, go to your donor file and send a thank you note to the following donors who gave …

  • $20 or more in the last 12 – 18 months
  • $100 or more in last the 24 months

Sometimes, people just need to be thanked to remember to give.  Let me know how this thank you tip works for your cause.



Linda Brown Rivelis, CFRE

        President, Campaign Consultation, Inc

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Sharon Rabb has more than 25 years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management for both large and small organizations. She currently serves as Project Specialist for tCampaign Consultation, Inc . Rabb holds a Master Degree in nonprofit management from Notre Dame of Maryland University and wrote her thesis on Women and Philanthropy: a design for approaching female donor prospects. Read more.

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