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Here’s a question that we often hear from CEOs and Board members, especially around the year-end fundraising season when budgets are tight:

Couldn’t we save a lot of money if our organization dropped direct mail and just focused on online solicitations?

Answer them with the following facts –

  • They have a point!
  • More new donors are contributing their first gifts online
  • Online-acquired donors contribute more over the long term than direct mail-acquired donors
  • HOWEVER,  a large amount of online-acquired donors switch from online giving to mainly offline.  Meaning … if these online donors didn’t have the direct mail solicitation method, they’d contribute less over the long term.

For now, our advice is to solicit prospects and donors using both on and offline methods.

What do you think?   Will direct-mail be necessary in 2015?  To share your thoughts, click here.

[Distilled from the May, 2011 issue of DonorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report.  Click here for full report.]

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