Crowd Funding for Non-Profits

Fundraising is very crucial for the survival of any non-profit.  Some non-profits have very strategic fundraising campaigns which have been proven to be quite lucrative. Consider the concept of non-profit organizations and its returns on donations. Most donors give to non – profits and charities upon request or because it is a good thing to do but are they really invested in the organization and its outcome.

Crowd funding is asking a group to invest in a cause or project in exchange for something. The crowd is a targeted group of individuals who would be committed to structure funding and the overall success of the project/organization.  By targeting a crowd verses individual, an entity is able to maximize the time used for solicitation of contribution by leveraging the crowd for additional funding from their individual networks. A for profit company’s return on investment would be some kind of tangible liquid equity like cash.  If a non -profit chooses crowd funding over traditional fundraising the return on investment would be social equity in the highest form. If a non-profit is in alignment with personal missions and beliefs, investors will pay for success.

Check out the links below and see if crowd funding would work for your non-profit.  Let us know what you think about this type of fundraising.

Posted by:  Demetria Barrett

Finance and Operations Manager

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