New Year’s Fundraising Resolution Tips from Dr. Phil!

It’s New Year’s resolution time and although we all mean well, it difficult to keep those resolutions going throughout the year. TV personality and psychologist Dr. Phil recently did a show on New Year’s resolutions where he identified 7 key steps to making effective resolutions and keeping them. According to Dr. Phil, the 7 steps are:
1. Be specific about your goal.
2. Set a goal that is measurable.
3. Set a timeline.
4. Be sure your resolution is something that you control.
5. Integrate it into your lifestyle.
6. Make a step by step plan.
7. Be accountable.

By using Dr. Phil’s 7 steps, you can make fundraising resolutions that will bring you year-long success. shows you how. Click here to read now.

Happy New Year!
Sharon Rabb
Project Specialist
Campaign Consultation, Inc.
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Sharon Rabb has more than 25 years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management for both large and small organizations. She currently serves as Project Specialist for tCampaign Consultation, Inc . Rabb holds a Master Degree in nonprofit management from Notre Dame of Maryland University and wrote her thesis on Women and Philanthropy: a design for approaching female donor prospects. Read more.

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