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The power of an image lies in its ability to convey a story without words. A moving photo compels people to craft their own story. We’ve talked about the importance of storytelling (link to storytelling post), using visuals and social media tools such as Pinterest as communications tactics to convey your organization’s mission and generate donors.

This week, I stumbled upon Amber Bonner’s post “No Words Necessary” which highlights how a few images and just one sentence can help organizations appeal to their constituents in a deeper way than any copy-written paragraph.

In today’s digital age, organizations need to repurpose their communications tactics and incorporate graphical storytelling into their fundraising and marketing efforts. For example, Meals on Wheels of America uses close-cropped images of seniors throughout their web site to demonstrate “the face of hunger”.  These images connect with donors in a way that copy alone cannot.

The value of visual storytelling relates to the very nature of nonprofits. You’re distinct from for-profits because your cause is inherently emotional. Education-related nonprofits are linked to hope; charities that feed the hungry relate to gratitude; and performances sponsored by arts organizations can inspire excitement, joy or even melancholy.

Emotion spurs storytelling, and images spur emotion.

Tell us how your organization uses images to convey its story.

Shannon McGarry
Project Specialist
Campaign Consultation, Inc.

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Shannon McGarry

Shannon McGarry is Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation, Inc. and an advocate for systemic, holistic approaches to building the capacity of nonprofits and community organizations. She has worked with nonprofits to strengthen and diversify their funding streams, expand and mobilize their membership base, and build sustainable programs. Read more.