7 Deadly Habits of the Holidays

Can I hang a 'Closed for the Holidays' sign around my neck? Too obvious?

It’s that time of year again, when budget and reporting deadlines are down to the wire and holiday party invitations are flying at you faster than you can whip up a batch of eggnog.

Now is the time to remember that your most important resource is YOU!

So take a deep breath, silence your phone and you may just keep your sanity for 2014.

Accommodation. It’s time to make peace with saying ‘No’. Friends and co-workers will understand if you can’t participate in every project or activity. Bowing out of some things sets reasonable expectations for everyone. Saying you won’t …read more

Do 5 things to raise funds in the next 2 weeks

The giving year isn’t over yet. There is still time to inspire donors and raise funds. Here are five things you can do between now and December 31st to boost your fundraising income:

1. Be open for business. Be sure phones are answered for last minute callers who want to give to your organization. Have you checked your website’s “donate now” button lately? Make sure it works. And, make it your site’s focus this time of year.

2. Add your mailing address and phone number to your homepage. Many nonprofits don’t do this, but not everyone wants to give online. …read more