Co-Creating Community


As a newcomer to Charm City, it’s managed to quickly capture my heart with its quirky neighborhoods and rich history. Being a transplant from the Midwest, Baltimore’s industrial past has easily made me feel at home. Like other metropolitan areas, Baltimore has been struggling during the economic crisis of the past few years and is turning to development to raise its profile. This neighborhood reinvestment is especially needed here as Baltimore City’s population has been declining since the 50’s. A loss of almost 35% of city residents has left Baltimore with numerous vacant homes and near-abandoned blocks.

Reinvestment to the …read more

Spring Fundraising Cleaning: Get the Dust Bunnies out of your Database

Spring has finally come and it’s time to throw open the windows, clean out the closet and sweep under the bed. If you haven’t cleaned up entries in your nonprofit database in a while, it’s probably a good time to do that now.

A robust database with correct names and addresses and accurate giving information is essential for effective fundraising.

Are your aware that approximately 15 percent of people move households every year and 70 percent of business contact data is out of date within one year? Ideally, your database should be thoroughly updated and scrubbed annually, but at minimum …read more

So Many Unhappy Fundraisers

This week’s Chronicle of Philanthropy lead with the headline “Half of Fundraisers in the Top Job Would Like to Quit.” CEOs report that they are unable to find and keep development staff and fundraisers are expressing disappointment in their CEOs and organization board members.

At smaller organizations, the problem can be traced to a desire to find the one person who can be everything the organization needs. The same person who is expected to be an aggressive lead gift solicitor may be asked to spend intense hours gathering information to write the perfect grant, plan a glittering special event, and …read more

Follow the Funding Streams

Relying too heavily on a single source of fundraising or the contributions of only a few funders is one of the dangers that organizations face when seeking funds. Certainly the current economic situation has pointed out the need for a wide base of support, one that includes funders from different sources.

There are six main sources of fundraising, which remain relatively constant year after year.

Individuals are the largest source of funding for nonprofit organizations. According to Giving USA, total charitable giving in the U.S. reached more than $298.4 billion in 2011. Of that amount 73% came from individuals.

Corporations …read more