Things That Makes Us Go “Hmm..”: Income Inequality

Here at Campaign Consultation, we’re closing out the year thinking over things that makes us go, “Hmmmm…,” particularly ongoing issues that didn’t really evolve over 2013. This video has been making the rounds in our office, and we’ve all been struck by both the persistence of this issue as well as how dramatically it illustrates the disconnect between Americans’ perception and the reality of income inequality. Income inequality is a persistent and intractable problem, and this video has sparked many conversations on how to fix it, such as this article. Other articles, inspired by President Obama’s speech on income …read more

Thank and GIVE 5: Strategic Philanthropy Done Right

It’s November, a time to give thanks, which many of us do by giving to others. At Campaign Consultation, Inc. founders Linda Brown Rivelis, President, and Steven Rivelis, CEO, have woven the spirit of giving into the fabric of their business and celebrated the season through its GIVE 5 initiative.

Through this annual program, Campaign Consultation grants five percent of its pre-tax profits to social causes and social profit organizations selected by employees.

Each employee pitches a proposal for a cause or organization about which they are passionate and makes a recommendation for an amount that they believe would make …read more

Can Charitable Giving Replace the Social Safety Net?

As the nation seeks to recover from the worst economic slide since the Great Depression, the cities and states with the most-generous residents may be in a better position to help the millions of people still suffering from joblessness and other financial setbacks, say experts.

“There’s a storm coming,” says Bruce Katz, vice president at the Brookings Institution and an expert on the nation’s cities. “Which places are prepared?”

Mr. Katz says local governments should be thinking hard about how to encourage giving because “we don’t have the welfare programs that we have had in the past. The need for …read more

Interactive Tool Visualizes How America Gives

How does your giving compare to those around you? This interactive tool, featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, visualizes how America gives, ranging from the country as a whole, all the way down to individual neighborhoods.

Click here to view the tool.

Lorilei Barsh

Business Development Coordinator

Campaign Consultation, Inc.

Celebrate Women in Philanthropy

March is National Women’s Month. As we celebrate women and women’s history this month, we can also celebrate women’s growing role in philanthropy.

Philanthropy has changed in the last 20 years. Women are increasingly engaged in entrepreneurial giving, giving circles, global giving, faith-based giving, family and couple giving, and social change gifts. In effect, women’s philanthropy has changed the face of philanthropy and has ‘reinvented’ fundraising.

In nearly 90% of high-net-worth households, women are either the sole decision maker or equal partners in decisions on charitable giving, according to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2011 Study of High Net …read more